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Privacy Policy

Last modified: September 22, 2023
TACO BELL® (“Taco Bell,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) is committed to protecting your privacy. This Taco Bell Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) applies to our websites, online experiences and mobile apps for Apple iOS, Windows, or Android mobile devices that link to this Policy (collectively, our “Sites”), as well as to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information when you visit our Sites or our restaurants and in-store kiosks, or otherwise engage with us (collectively, our “Service”).
By accessing or using our Service, you signify that you have read, understood, and agree to our collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Policy and our Terms of Use, available on our site.
Note that many of our restaurants are operated by independent franchisees, who may have their own data collection practices and privacy policies that may apply, in addition to this Policy.
See Part 5 of this Policy to learn more about your choices with respect to our processing of your personal information.
To learn more about the privacy practices of other Yum! Brands, Inc. (“Yum! Brands”)  companies (the “Brands”), please visit:
·        KFC® Privacy Policy

Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual, including any information that, alone or in combination with other information, could be used to identify an individual.  Personal information does not include aggregated information, or any personal information that has been de-identified through the removal of potentially identifying details, such that the data may not be identified with a particular individual.
We collect personal information in a variety of ways. For example, you may provide us your personal information when you place an order, register for an account or loyalty membership, make an online purchase, post a review, send us messages, subscribe to our mailing lists, newsletters or other forms of marketing communications, submit a job application, participate in a survey, contest or sweepstakes, redeem a promotion, or use some other feature of our Service.
We may link or combine your activities and information collected from you on our websites and mobile apps with information we have collected from you in-store, information we receive from third parties (who have obtained your consent to share your personal information with us), as well as information we collect automatically through tracking technologies (defined below).  This allows us to provide you with a personalized experience regardless of how you interact with us.
The categories of information we collect may include:
Information you provide:
·        Contact and profile information. We and our franchisees may collect personal information, such as your name, phone number, address, business information, gender, age, postal/zip code, and e-mail address, when you register for our Service, place an order for delivery or through an in-store kiosk, sign up for our mailing list, participate in an offer or loyalty program, redeem or participate in a promotion, enter a contest or sweepstakes, purchase or redeem a gift card, or otherwise communicate or interact with us. We use this information to create, verify and personalize your account, to fulfill your request or transaction, to communicate with you directly, and to send you marketing communications in accordance with your preferences and as permitted by law.
·        Payment and transaction information. We and our franchisees may collect information such as items purchased, date and time of your transaction, amount purchased, whether you used a particular coupon or deal, and payment information, such as your or gift card or loyalty program details, when you make an in-store or online purchase. We use this information to fulfill your order and complete your transaction, update your rewards, detect and prevent fraud, and to inform our advertising and marketing.  When you make a purchase, we may also collect your credit/debit card information, which is used solely to complete your transaction and detect and prevent fraud.
·        Comments, chat and opinions. When you contact us or our franchisees directly (e.g., by email, phone, mail or by completing an online or in-store form or participating in online chat), we may record your comments and opinions. We may also record comments and opinions you express when responding to surveys, entering a contest or sweepstakes or taking part in a promotion. We use this information to respond to your question or comment, to evaluate and improve our products and services and to inform our marketing and advertising activities. When you contact us directly to submit a concern, complaint or question, we may record your comments and collect the personal information contained in your communications (e.g., contact information, , photos, comments/concerns, etc.). We use this information to respond to your questions or concerns, and to evaluate and improve our products and services.
Information we collect when you use our Sites and our Service:
·        Location information. We may collect information about your location if you provide your address or postal/zip code or we may approximate your location based on your IP address. If you provide our mobile applications access to location services on your device, we and our third-party providers may collect location data through GPS, Wi-Fi, wireless network triangulation or other similar methods. We may use your location information to provide personalized content and advertising, to enhance your shopping and dining experience, to allow you to view deals and products available to you based on your location, to assist us with analytics such as aggregated foot traffic measurement, and to improve the effectiveness of our websites, restaurants, mobile applications, merchandise, advertising, and customer service. According to your preferences, we may also use your location information to provide you with more information regarding events, personalized offers regarding products, services, or other opportunities, and notifications via social media which may interest you. We may also use the Google Maps Application Programming Interface to identify and direct you to our nearest restaurants and to obtain aggregated data respecting the locations of our customers. Google uses various technologies to determine your location, including your IP address, GPS, and other sensors that may, for example, provide Google with information on nearby devices, Wi-Fi access points, and cell towers (see Google Maps Privacy Policy to learn more).
·        Information you may post or submit to our Sites. We may collect information about how you use and interact with our Service, including any content you post to the Sites. If you share photos and video from a mobile device, with your permission, we will access your device camera roll and camera as needed to post your content. If you need to update your permissions, you can do so in the “Settings” app of your device.
·        Address Book information. With your permission, and depending on the country in which you reside, we may access your contact list available on your mobile device or your email accounts, or you may choose to provide your friends’ contact information manually, so that you can send invitations or special content to your friends. When communicating with your friends, we may include your name and photo in order to let them know that you are the person extending the invitation or sending the message. With your permission, we may also send reminder emails to your friends on your behalf, which may also include your name and photo, and enable you to send invitations to your friends via email or SMS/text. 
In-store data we collect:
·        In-store location information. In some locations, and with your permission, as required, we may work with third party partners, acting on our behalf, to collect location and movement data from your mobile device when you’re using a mobile app configured for this purpose. We receive aggregated information about visitors to our stores and may use this data to analyze foot traffic patterns and measure the effectiveness of our marketing and promotional campaigns. See “Your Choices and Control Over Your Information” below to learn how you may adjust location data collection through your mobile device.
·        In-store Wi-Fi. In some locations, we may offer free Wi-Fi services to our guests. In order to provide such Wi-Fi services, our Wi-Fi network providers may capture certain data from devices you connect to it, such as a unique device identifier. We may also enable Bluetooth or other technologies in our stores which enable us to detect the presence of your device in our stores or provide aggregated operational insights.
·        Transaction information. We or our franchisees may collect information about your in-store transaction such as items purchased, date and time of your transaction, amount purchased, and payment information, such as your credit/debit card or gift card details, when you make an in-store purchase.  This information is used to fulfill your order and complete your transaction, and to detect and prevent fraud.  We may use transaction information other than your payment card information, to update your rewards and to inform our advertising and marketing.  
·        In-store video or images. In some locations, we or our franchisees may use CCTV cameras in our stores for security, fraud, incident reporting and loss-prevention purposes; to collect analytics, improve operations, or as may otherwise be indicated in-store.
Information provided by others:
·        Information provided by social networks. When you interact with our Service through  various social media networks, such as when you “Like” us on Facebook or when you follow us  or share our content on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram or other social  networks, we may receive some information about you that you permit the social network to  share with third parties. We use this information to complete your profile, to better understand  the demographics of our customers and to inform our advertising and marketing activities. The  data we receive is dependent upon your privacy settings with the social network. You should  always review and, if necessary, adjust your privacy settings on third party websites and social  media networks and services before linking or connecting them to our Sites or Service.
·        Information we receive from authentication services you connect to our Service. Some  parts of our Service may allow you to login through a third party social network or authentication  service such as Facebook. These services will authenticate your identity and provide you the  option to share certain personal information with us, which could include your name, email  address, address book and contacts, or other information. The data we receive is dependent on  that third party’s policies and your privacy settings on that third-party site. If you choose to  connect a Google or Gmail account to our Sites, we will ask you to grant us application  permissions to access your Gmail account. These permissions are necessary to sustain the  functionality of our Sites. We will store your authentication token and account email address.  This data will be securely stored to be used by us to provide you with the Service (including but  not limited to logging into your account and sending emails). This data will not be voluntarily  shared with any third parties, but we may provide this information to legal authorities upon their  lawful request. Should you choose to disconnect your Gmail account or decide to close your  account, any information from Google that is stored on our servers will be removed permanently.  We do not use data obtained from our customers (from their Google accounts) for advertising  purposes. We may need access to the user data to resolve a support issue, provide advice on  service usage or provide any other help requested by the user, or as such access may be  necessary for a security investigation or to comply with applicable laws.
We may offer Face ID, Touch ID or fingerprint authentication as a log-in method if you access  the Service through an Apple or Android device equipped with authentication technology. We  are only notified as to whether the authentication was successful and cannot access the data  associated with the enrolled fingerprint. For more details, please refer to the fingerprint security  guides offered by your device provider.
·        Information provided by others. From time to time, we may receive information about you from third parties and other users. For example, we may obtain information from our marketing partners or from third parties to enhance or supplement our existing user information.  We may also collect information about you that is publicly available. We may combine this information with the information we collect from you directly.
·        Information provided by Yum! Brands entities and Franchisees. We may receive information about you from other Yum! Brands companies, affiliates and our franchisees so that information you provide to one Brand may be used by another Brand to provide you services, communicate with you or provide you advertisements or other personalized content, in  accordance with your permissions and applicable laws.
Information collected from applicants for employment:
If you apply for a job through our Sites, we collect the information you include in your  application, which could include your name, address, phone number, email address as well as  information regarding your work/education background and history and other such information.  We may also obtain information about you from your references. We may also receive this  information if you submit an application through a third party site or service, or if we receive  your information through a recruiter or employment agency.
We collect and use the personal information of applicants for employment to evaluate the  application and the suitability of employment. We may retain an applicant’s personal  information for a reasonable time period after the date of application for the purpose of assessing  an individual's suitability for other employment opportunities within our organization, though we  have no obligation to do so and the applicant may wish to submit another application to be  considered for another job opening of interest.
Please note that if you apply for a restaurant position, you may be submitting your application  information to a franchisee organization. Our franchisees may have their own data collection and  use practices that are not governed by this Policy with respect to human resources management in franchisee-operated restaurants.
·        To fulfill your requests and provide our Services to you. For example, we or our  franchisees may use your information to complete your order or other online and in-store  transactions, deliver orders you place online, or respond to your customer service requests or  feedback. We may also use your information to personalize your experience with us and  facilitate our rewards or loyalty programs. We also use this information to provide the Service to  you across our operations, including by supporting your in-store experience when you engage  with our franchisee-owned locations.
·        For marketing purposes. We may send you communications about new features, updates,  products and special offers. We may also use your information to serve you ads about products  and special offers about our products or other products or services we think you might find  interesting. We may also use individual and aggregate information about you to inform our  marketing and advertising campaigns. For more information on your choices about marketing  communications, see “Your Choices and Control Over Your Information” below and our Cookie  and Ads Policy, available on our Site.
·        To communicate with you. For example, we may communicate with you about your account activities, such as by providing you transaction confirmations, alerting you when a gift  card you sent has been received by the recipient, or updating you about employment opportunities for which you've applied. If you register with us, we may enroll you in our email  newsletter or other periodic electronic communications and may also send you user surveys and  promotional communications. We may communicate with you by email, postal mail, telephone,  text message, or other means. We may use push notifications on our mobile apps to your mobile device. For more information on how to adjust your communications preferences, see “Your  Choices and Control Over Your Information” below.
·        To monitor, improve and develop our products and services. We may use your information to understand the interests, needs and preferences of our visitors and customers and tailor our product offerings accordingly. From time to time, we analyze statistics and trends to make our Services better and to develop or enhance services or features.
To protect the security and integrity of our business, comply with legal requirements and  obligations, or as otherwise permitted by law. We may use your personal information as reasonably required to protect our company, our affiliates, our customers, our franchisees and our websites. We may also use personal information in order to comply with laws, regulations, court orders, or other legal obligations or to assist in an investigation, to protect and defend our rights and property, or the rights or safety of third parties, to enforce our Terms of Use, this Policy, or agreements with third parties, to detect and prevent fraud or for crime-prevention purposes, or for any other reason required or permitted by law.
When you visit our Sites, read our emails, or otherwise engage with us through a computer or mobile device, we and our third party partners may automatically collect information about how you access and use the Sites and information about the device you use to access the Sites.
This information allows us to improve your customer experience. For example, we may use this information to enhance and personalize your user experience, to monitor and improve our Services, and for other internal purposes. We typically collect this information through a variety of tracking technologies, including cookies, Flash objects, web beacons, embedded scripts, location-identifying technologies, and similar technology (collectively, “tracking technologies”). We may also collect this information if you connect to our in-store Wi-Fi, or if your mobile device is configured to search for available Wi-Fi networks, we may receive information about your device even if you don’t connect to our Wi-Fi services. Information we collect automatically about you may be combined with other personal information we collect directly.
Specifically, we and our third party partners, acting on our behalf, may use tracking technologies to automatically collect usage and device information, such as:
·        Information about how you access the Sites, such as the site from which you came and the site to which you are going when you leave our Sites, how frequently you access the Sites, when and whether you open emails or click the links contained in emails, whether you access the Service from multiple devices, and other actions you take on the Service.
·        Information about how you use the Sites, such as the pages you visit, the links you  click, the ads you view and click on, purchase information and your checkout process, your  location when you access or interact with our Service, and other similar actions.
·        Information about the computer, tablet, smartphone or other device you use when accessing our sites, such as  your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, platform type, device  type/model/manufacturer, operating system, date and time stamp, a unique ID that allows us to  uniquely identify your browser, mobile device or your account (including, e.g., a persistent  device identifier or an Ad ID), and other such information.
·        Analytics information. We may collect analytics data, or use third party analytics tools, to help us measure traffic and usage trends for the Service and to understand more about the demographics and behaviors of our users.
We, or our third party partners, acting on our behalf, may use the data collected through tracking technologies to: (a) remember information so that you will not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you visit the Sites; (b) provide custom, personalized content and information, including targeted content and advertising; (c) identify and contact you across multiple devices; (d) provide and monitor the effectiveness of our Service; (e) perform analytics and detect usage patterns on our Service; (f) diagnose or fix technology problems; (g) detect or prevent fraud or other harmful activities, and (h) otherwise to plan for and enhance our Service.
Your choices to control tracking technologies. If you would prefer not to accept cookies, most browsers will allow you to: (i) change your browser settings to notify you when you receive a cookie, which lets you choose whether or not to accept it; (ii) disable existing cookies; or (iii) set your browser to automatically reject cookies. For more information on how to block, delete and/or disable tracking technologies, see “Choice and Control Over Your Information” below.  Note that if you disable or reject cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all of the features of our Sites.
Do Not Track.  Although we do our best to honor the privacy preferences of our visitors, we are  not able to respond to “Do Not Track” signals from your browser at this time.
Personalized Advertising. We and our third party partners may collect information through tracking technologies for  personalized advertising purposes. See our Cookie and Ads Policy available on our Site to learn  more.
We may share, sell or disclose your information in the instances described below. For further  information on your choices regarding your information, see “Your Choices and Control Over  Your Information” below.
·        Other Brands: We may share personal information with our parent company Yum! Brands, which may provide certain services to each of the Yum! Brands.  With your consent, we may also disclose your personal information to other Yum! Brands companies and our affiliates, who may similarly use your information in the manner described in this Policy.
·        Our franchisees: Many of our restaurants are independently owned and operated by franchisees. We may share personal information with our franchisees for the purpose of providing the Service to you. For example, we may need to share certain personal information with a franchisee in order to provide delivery and carry-out services that you may request through the Service. We also may share personal information with our franchisees in order to provide local offers and promotions that might interest you. Franchisees may also be generally authorized to use your personal information in the manner described in this Policy. Please note that in addition to this policy, our franchisees independently may have their own data collection and use practices that are governed by their own privacy policies.
·        Promotional partners: When you enter certain contests or sweepstakes, or register for other promotional activities, we may share limited personal information with third parties with whom we partner to provide those contests, sweepstakes, or other joint promotional activities in order to enable your participation. These partners will be clearly identified in the contest rules or promotional materials.
·        Select marketing and strategic business partners: With your consent, we may share limited data with our preferred marketing and strategic business partners so that they can provide you with information and marketing messages about products or services that may interest you. These parties may use your information in accordance with their own privacy policies.
·        Online advertising partners: We may share personal information with third party online advertising partners or permit these partners to collect information from you directly on our Sites to facilitate online advertising. To learn more, see our Cookie and Ads Policy, available on our Sites.
·        The public:  When you engage with us on social media, we may tag your social media account or the social media account of others (e.g., to give photo credit to another user).
·        With your consent or at your direction: In addition to the sharing described in this  Policy, we may share information about you with third parties whenever you consent to or direct  such sharing.
Other instances in which we may share your personal information:
·        Service providers and advisors: Personal information may be shared with third party vendors and other service providers who perform services for us or on our behalf. This may include vendors and providers who engage in marketing or advertising activities or provide mailing or email services, tax and accounting services, product fulfillment, delivery services, payments processing, data enhancement services, fraud prevention, web hosting, or analytic services

We will limit our disclosure of your personal information to such third parties to that which is reasonably necessary for the purpose or service for which the third-party service provider is engaged.  We will use contractual and other means to provide a comparable level of protection while the information is being processed by such third parties, including limiting such providers to using your personal information solely to provide us with the specific service for which those providers were engaged, and for no other purpose. You can obtain more information about our policies and practices with respect to the use of personal information by third party service providers by contacting our Privacy Officer, through the means set out below.
·        Purchasers and third parties in connection with a business transaction: Personal information may be disclosed to third parties in connection with a corporate transaction, such as a merger, sale of any or all of our company assets or shares, reorganization, financing, change of control or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by an affiliate or third party, or in the event of a bankruptcy or related or similar proceedings. In any such case, the recipient parties will be contractually required to keep the information confidential and use it only for the purposes of the transaction, or proposed transaction, in question. In the event a business transaction is completed, assignees or successors of our business or assets may use and disclose personal information obtained from us only for the purposes set out this Policy, unless further consent is obtained.
·        Law enforcement, regulators and other parties for legal reasons: Personal information may be disclosed to third parties, as required by law or subpoena, or if we reasonably believe that such action is necessary to (a) comply with the law and the reasonable requests of law enforcement; (b) to enforce our Terms of Use or to protect the security or integrity of our Service; and/or (c) to exercise or protect the rights, property, or personal safety of our organization, our visitors, or others.

In connection with any of the above, we may also share information with others in an aggregated or otherwise anonymized form that does not reasonably identify you.

We do not otherwise disclose, give, rent or sell personal information to any third parties, unless additional consent is obtained
You may generally withdraw your consent to our use or disclosure of your personal information at any time, subject to legal and contractual restrictions; however, without such consent, we may be unable to provide you with certain services or benefits.  For example, if you withdraw your consent for the use of your personal information for the purposes of earning points or other benefits under a loyalty program, we will no longer be able to participate in that program.  If you withdraw your consent to our retention and use of your address details, you will have to re-enter such information each time you place a delivery order. 
·        Profile and settings: You may update your account information and adjust your account settings by logging into your account. Please note that changes to your settings may require some time to take effect.  In order to ensure our records are as complete and accurate as possible, customers/users are responsible for informing us of any relevant changes to their personal information, such as a change of name, a change of address, or a change in any other pertinent information. 
·        How to control your email preferences: You can stop receiving promotional email communications from us by clicking on the “unsubscribe link” provided in such communications. We make every effort to promptly process all unsubscribe requests. You may also be able to adjust certain communications preferences by logging into your account. You may not opt out of service-related communications (e.g., account verification, transactional communications, changes/updates to features of the Service, technical and security notices). 
·        Geolocation and device Information:  You may control the Site’s access to your device information through your “Settings” app on your device. For instance, you can withdraw permission for the Sites to access your address book, location, photo stream, and camera. You may also turn on and control precise location tracking by adjusting your location services settings on your mobile device. We may continue to approximate your location (i.e. to your city or locality) based on your IP address or through other means when you access the Sites through a computer or mobile device.
·        Online advertising and tracking.  Please refer to our Cookie and Ads Policy, available on our Site, to learn more about how we work with third party partners to collect data through tracking technologies for various purposes, including analytics and advertising, and to understand your choices, including your ability to opt-out of online advertising.
·        Data storage and transfer: Your information collected through our Service may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which Yum! Brands, its affiliates or service providers maintain facilities, where it will be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is stored. If you are located in regions with laws governing data collection and use that may differ from U.S. law, please note that we may transfer information, including personal information, to a country and jurisdiction that have data protection laws that may be more or less restrictive than those required under U.S. law.
·        Data retention: We will retain your personal information for only as long as reasonably necessary to provide the Service, to meet legal and accounting obligations, and for the other purposes described in this Policy, or as otherwise required or permitted by law, after which it will be securely destroyed or irreversibly erased or de-identified.   We may also anonymize and/or aggregate personal information that is no longer required and store such anonymized/aggregated information in order to analyze aggregate metrics and trends.
·        Keeping your information safe: Security of your information is very important to us, and we have put in place appropriate technological, physical and contractual safeguards designed to preserve the integrity and security of information we and our service providers collect, retain and disclose. . However, no security system is impenetrable and we cannot guarantee the security of our systems at all times. In the event that any information under our control is compromised as a result of a breach of data security, we will take reasonable steps to investigate the situation and, where appropriate or otherwise required by law, notify those individuals whose information may have been compromised and take additional steps, in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations.
We may choose or be required by law to provide different or additional disclosures about our data privacy practices depending on your state or country of residence. Please review this section or applicable regional addenda to understand how our practices or policies may differ in your jurisdiction:
·        California. If you are a California resident, please click here for additional California-specific privacy disclosures.
·        Nevada. Chapter 603A of the Nevada Revised Statutes permits a Nevada resident to opt  out of future sales of certain covered information that a website operator has collected or will  collect about the resident. To exercise your right to opt-out of sales subject to the Nevada  Revised Statues please submit your request by clicking here: Do Not Sell My Info.
·        Colorado. If you are a resident of Colorado, please click here to exercise your privacy options.

·        Connecticut. If you are a resident of Connecticut, please click here to exercise your privacy options. You may appeal any decision to decline to take action on your request by contacting us at the email address listed in Section 10 (“How to Contact Us”), below.
·        Utah. If you are a resident of Utah, please click here to exercise your privacy options.
·        Virginia. If you are a resident of Virginia, please click here to exercise your privacy options. You may appeal any decision to decline to take action on your request by contacting us at the email address listed in Section 10 (“How to Contact Us”), below.
·        If you are a Canadian resident, please click here for additional information about our data privacy practices.
Unless you advise us otherwise, through the access and use of our Sites and Service or other offerings, you signify that you have consented to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as explained in this Privacy Policy and the Canada Privacy Notice.
·        Where we have an establishment in the European Economic Area ("EEA"), the United Kingdom or Switzerland or we are processing personal data relating to individuals located in the EEA, the UK, or Switzerland, please click here for additional information about our data privacy  practices.
We do not knowingly collect or solicit any information from children under the age of 13 on the Service. In the event we learn that we have inadvertently collected personal information from a child under age 13, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that we may have collected information from a child under 13, please contact us using the contact information below.
The Service may contain links to and from third party websites of our business partners,  advertisers, and social media sites and our users may post links to third party websites. If you  follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy  policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability resulting from you following a  link these websites. Additionally, other privacy policies may apply when you engage with us  through a co-branded or co-sponsored promotional or marketing activity. We strongly  recommend that you read the privacy policies and terms and conditions of use of any third party  website or service to understand how your information will be collected, used and shared. We  are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content on the websites of third-party sites.
Where appropriate, we provide you with choices as to how we use your personal information. You may also have certain rights under applicable data protection laws, which you may exercise free of charge. For more information regarding these rights, and the countries where these rights are available, please refer to the local contact information provided in the Jurisdictional Disclosures listed in Section 7. The contact details of our data protection officer, if one is appointed, can be found in the country-specific addendum. If you have questions or feedback about our collection and processing of personal data that is specific to the particular region in which you live, you may also reach us at:
Taco Bell Canada
TB Canada Company  
191 Creditview Road, Ste 100  
Vaughan, Ontario  
L4L 9T1

Taco Bell UK
To submit a Data Subject Request under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), click here
Fill in a form at: https://customers.tacobelluk.co.uk/contact-us.php 
Email: privacy@tacobell.co.uk
Taco Bell US
General questions
Contact us with questions about your data and privacy matters. 

Submit a California Shine the Light request. 

Contact us regarding children under 13.
Visit the Taco Bell FAQs to see if your question has already been asked & answered!
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Any personal information you submit will be used in accordance with this policy in order to answer your questions or fulfill your request. We may use this information to contact you with follow-up responses.
We may modify or update this Policy from time to time to reflect the changes in our business and practices, so you should review this Policy periodically. When we change this Policy in a material manner, we will so indicate by updating the “last modified” date in the heading of this Policy. If you object to any changes in this Policy, you may close your account associated with the Service.